Audience Filter for Organizer

What is Audience Filter.

Using an audience filter, you can search/list attendees in a specific organization with specific conditions.
Following types of filters are available on our platform.

  1. Profile
    Profile filter is based on attendees profiles. Admin can filter based on the attendee profile as below.
    a. First Name
    b. Last Name
    c. Company Name
    d. Title
    e. Bio
    f. Email
    g. Phone

  2. Register
    Registration filter is based on attendee registration details while the attendee registers/purchases tickets.
    a. Ticket Buyer: this field contains value on ticket buyers like first name, last name, and Email
    b. Ticket Holder: this field contains value on ticket holders like first name, last name and Email
    c. Order Status: Possible values CREATE, EXPIRED, PAID, PAID DELETE, UNPAID, and UNPAID DELETE
    d. Ticket Type: Select or search available ticket type names.
    e. Number Of Tickets: number of tickets purchased at a time.
    f. Price: price of a ticket.
    g. Total Amount: total payable amount after purchasing tickets .
    h. Event Name: search or select event name.
    i. Discount Code: search or select discount code.
    g. Checkout From

  3. Engagement
    An engagement session is based on user activity in the event. It contains the following field to help search attendees.
    a. Joined a Session
    b. Bookmark a Session
    c. Event name
    d. Like a post
    e. Comment
    f. Post

Here is an example to find attendees whose first name is XYZ and register for Test event and liked a post Demo:

Audience Filter Setup

List of Audience Filer Operation

TypeDescriptionAPI Reference
Create Audience FilterThis will provide you information for Create Audience FilerCreate Audience Filter
Update Audience FilterThis will provide you information for Update Audience FilerUpdate Audience Filter
Delete Audience FilterThis will provide you information for Delete an Audience FilerDelete Audience Filter
List Audience Filter associated with specific organizerThis will provide you with information for listing all Audience filters associated with a given organizer.List Audience Filter associated with specific organizer
List Audience(Attendees) of a specific Audience Filter.This will provide you information to get Audiences associated with a specific filter.List Audience(Attendees) associated with specific organizer and a Audience Filter