Configure Gamification

Gamification is varying according to the type
i.e. we have 3 challenge types there

  1. Standard challenge
  2. Early-bird challenge
  3. Scavenger hunt challenge

As according to name , each challenge type have different work around,

  1. Standard challenge: This type is a simple challenge that provides for areas like expo, sessions, networking, event. According to areas there points based on action as an example expo(exhibitor) having a action for visit expo, click on expo card, request meeting etc., for Session there will be action for visit and watch, networking has action of matches and connection, each of action having defined points, min duration ( if applicable), maximum point ( if applicable).
  2. Early-bird challenge: As name suggested, in an early bird challenge there are two action ticket purchase and check-In when any user used to check-In in an event or do ticket purchase points will be gained (we can configure about how many users can gain point in first come first serve manner.)
  3. Scavenger Hunt Challenge : This is a special type of standard challenge, all configure is the same just the difference in the point gained by user will be double.

To start with the gamification challenge, you can refer Event Challenge Setup .

Notes :

This all challenges depends on the ticket type while configuring the challenge, used to select a ticket type, and challenges will be applicable for the user who buy those ticket.
Make sure you have an eligible event plan for gamification (professional or higher).
Challenge can be modified before the event start.
The affected area for the challenge depends on the type of area in the challenge. I.e. challenge with expo type area will applicable for exhibitor related activities only.
Challenge reward can be custom or raffle ticket, when user complete challenge reward can be earned If reward type is raffle make sure raffle module needs to be active