Webhooks are notifications you can subscribe to, allowing you to receive API updates when things happen in Accelevents, such as ticket purchases and attendee check-ins. You can follow the steps below to create webhooks.

Create Webhooks

  1. Log in with either your Organization, Enterprise, or White Label account. (can be accessed from the bottom left corner of any event page connected to an Organizer Profile)
  2. Go to the Integrations tab and click Webhook to begin.
  3. Paste in your endpoint URL, enable the integration toggle and click Save.

Note: If you don't have an end point URL, you can generate an end point URL for testing by accessing this page: https://webhook.site and copying the unique URL.

  1. Select the webhook topics. The topics you selected will appear in the list below.

That's it! Now you can test if it works!

Test the Webhook

In the example above, the topic we chose is "New ticket purchased," so after setting this up, we bought a ticket to the event and checked the webhook site where we generated our end point URL. We got a notification that a ticket purchase has been made with all the attendee information.