List of Audience (Attendees) Associated with a Specific Organizer and an Audience Filter

This API is used to get a list of audience (attendees) associated with specific organizer and a filter.



  • User should have login with Admin/ Super Admin Role or needs host side access.

This API is used to get all Qualified audience of a specific Audience Filters and an organizer.

Here is a Sample Success Response which the API will return.

{"recordsTotal":2,"recordsFiltered":2,"data":[{"userId":8363,"firstName":"Umang`","lastName":"36","role":null,"title":null,"company":null,"email":"[email protected]","photo":null,"referenceValue":null},{"userId":8117,"firstName":"Umang","lastName":"34","role":null,"title":null,"company":null,"email":"[email protected]","photo":null,"referenceValue":null}],"error":null}