Main Stage Session

Here are the steps and API endpoints to join main stage session in the Accelevents platform.

Main Stage Session

Calling these following API in sequences will help you to join the main stage session in the Accelevents platform

StepsDescriptionAPI Reference
Get all main stage sessionsGet all the main stage session list.Click here
Join sessionCheck if all the requirements are full-filled like if an attendee has required ticket for that session/session is live / session capacity has exceeded or not.

If all requirements are full filled then the user is registered for that session.
Click here

1. Get all main stage sessions

First, you need to get all main stage sessions that are currently live as if session time is in the future or already ended you won't be able to join that session.

To get the live main stage sessions you can use below API endpoint. To only get live main stage sessions you need to pass sessionFormat as MAIN_STAGE.

You can also pass other query parameters such as page , size, past, sessionFormat, expand, currentUserRegisteredEventTicketId, status for further filter sessions and get response data accordingly.

Here is a sample response, which will be returned by API.

  "recordsTotal": 1,
  "recordsFiltered": 1,
  "data": [
      "sessionId": 11507,
      "title": "First Main Session",
      "startTime": "2021/12/20 19:00",
      "endTime": "2021/12/20 23:00",
      "location": null,
      "description": null,
      "format": "MAIN_STAGE",
      "speakerList": [
          "speakerId": 5758,
          "title": null,
          "pronouns": null,
          "firstName": "Jay",
          "lastName": "Dobariya",
          "email": "[email protected]",
          "sessionDTO": null,
          "userId": 8528,
          "imageUrl": null,
          "company": null,
          "bio": null,
          "linkedIn": null,
          "twitter": null,
          "instagram": null,
          "position": 2000.0,
          "moderator": true,
          "ticketTypesForSpeaker": null,
          "showModerator": true,
          "deviceChecked": false,
          "loggedInAtVEH": false,
          "allowAttendeeAccess": false,
          "allowOverrideDetails": false
      "currentUserRegisteredEventTicketId": [
      "tracks": [
          "id": 732,
          "name": "First track",
          "color": "#0094ff",
          "description": null,
          "position": 1000.0
          "id": 733,
          "name": "Second track",
          "color": "#0094ff",
          "description": null,
          "position": 2000.0
      "streamProvider": "ACCELEVENTS",
      "streamUrl": "00Or9NLwMCWOVMg5rExaaLwTqRW00eO01fXqyo9DisAWcc",
      "rtmpUrl": "rtmp://",
      "meetingPassword": null,
      "sessionVisibilityType": "PUBLIC",
      "sponsorList": [
      "recordSession": true,
      "hideVideoControls": false,
      "exihiborList": [
      "postSessionCallToActionJson": null,
      "playBackRestrictionToken": "eyJraWQiOiJNSEJvMXhaR09PUGlHUTJ4Y3AwMjFOOXNVVnkzcTVURFBnNUN3Sk1McTAyQlUiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiIwME9yOU5Md01DV09WTWc1ckV4YWFMd1RxUlcwMGVPMDFmWHF5bzlEaXNBV2NjIiwiYXVkIjoidCIsInBsYXliYWNrX3Jlc3RyaWN0aW9uX2lkIjoiNmtPdFNjWXFPMDJhTG5jZktySXo1Ylp1VTAxd3N4Qlg5RDNmdmU2enBYSUdjIiwiZXhwIjoxODYwNDA4MDE1fQ.ZGP21bNPioV-YzxBaF0fL9iosC20oChssINBTNzZfgs-H0FGT7iv-596nhb4lqzHxnKATZOnv5VcwpsgQi1SqV7Rm8Gsp1Kwt1XEl0RjYdXjKc5dRVQwWLWPJHal6qs3MdqFaigYTKameBl2fmldbnFDyQZDDrci2wtly1M-o8MLP2BG0KANZ-QiKGdywJLEIFwLIbx0ALvqbQeQSEI1-pO0gthOllCZUQ-0NBRAnhtUn2ZXWbMgagJDiMGLkQ8r6HNrg88d_xuM5AZR5F9_ZhSul6TCVF8yFHBKaqE1590usvp50CIvSVT_9eoLAbJi0UX_185kZ3H9wiiQxmDPJw",
      "thumbnailRestrictionToken": null
  "error": null,
  "pastSession": false,
  "upComingSession": true

2. Join session



If you have not purchased a ticket for the session then, you can't join sessions.

In this step, you will register the attendee for a particular main stage session. From step 1, you need to identify sessionId for which you need to register an attendee.

Above API will check all requirements to join a session and get a response 200 status code then attendee has registered for the session. If any criteria are not full-filled then it will return an error with the proper error message.

CriteriaError codeError message
Session not exist404Session not found!
Session reach its max capacity406Max user registration capacity reached
Ticket type not match406Your ticket does not permit access to this session
If the purchased ticket type restricts the number of sessions you can join and you have reached that limit406Your registration type only permits registering for {number_of_sessions_permitted} sessions. If you would like to register for this session please un-register from a different session first
The session should be live407The time limit for accessing this session is expired

If the attendee has successfully registered for the session then you can below API to get session detail where you will get streamKey/rtmpUrl/streamUrl that you can use for streaming the session.