Get list of Job title of all attendee user for event

This is used to get the job title list of all attendee users of the event( ascending manner of a job title).

For filtering people/attendees, we need to pass a list of Job Titles that we want to be part of the filter.

The following API can be used to fetch the list of Job Titles of all the attendees of an event. The user whose authorisation token is being used for calling this API should be part of this event. The auth token or API key of the admin of the event can also be used to call this API.

The API returns data in paginated form. You can specify the page size and page number that you want to fetch. The pages are numbered from 0 so the first list of Job Titles will be present on page 0. Refer to the following API documentation for more details.

Get job title list of event

Here is the API endpoint.

Here is a sample of the success response.

{"recordsTotal":6,"recordsFiltered":6,"data":[{"title":"Admin","company":null,"count":null},{"title":"Developer","company":null,"count":null},{"title":"HR","company":null,"count":null},{"title":"Software Developer","company":null,"count":null},{"title":"Tester","company":null,"count":null},{"title":"Titl","company":null,"count":null}],"error":null}