Download Attendee Session Analytic CSV

This API is used to get CSV data of session analytics by the attendee.

Download Attendee Session Analytic

This API provides CSV data of attendee session analytics.

Here is a sample of the success response.

"Session Title","Start Time","End Time","Status","Engagement"
"Zoom Session","2021/12/06 17:40","2021/12/06 17:53","Attended Live","0%"
"Vimeo Session","2021/12/06 17:42","2021/12/06 17:50","Attended Live","40.99%"
"Youtube Session","2021/12/06 17:42","2021/12/06 17:50","Attended Live","6.0%"
"Vidyard Session","2021/12/06 17:42","2021/12/06 17:54","Attended Live","0%"
"Networking Sesssion","2021/12/06 17:50","2021/12/06 18:50","Attended Live","0%"
"WORKSHOP","2021/12/06 17:55","2021/12/06 18:55","Attended Live","0%"