Add Exhibitor Host Details

This API is used to create an exhibitor from the Host side of an event.


Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

idThe unique ID of the exhibitor.
staffUserIdsContains a list of userIds of exhibitor staff in comma separated values.
exhibitorNameFull name of the exhibitor.
leadRetrieversAllowedReturns if lead retrieving is set to allow for the exhibitor.
seeAllLeadsReturns if the exhibitor can see all leads.
maxLeadRetrieversThe number of Maximum Lead Retrievers.
linkToSiteContains a comma-separated link to the exhibitor website.
videoURLContains the videoURL of the exhibitor.
logoContains the key to the logo image.
socialLinksContains social media links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
exhibitorDescriptionContains a brief introduction of the exhibitor.
offerContains the offer(s) within the exhibitor booth.
offerLinkContains the offer link(s) within the exhibitor booth.
positionContains the position of the exhibitor.
exhibitorLinkClicksContains the number of clicks on exhibitor links.
liveStreamUrlContains the live stream URL of the exhibitor.
proAccountReturns true if the exhibitor has a pro exhibitor account.
companyDetailsContains exhibitor's company details.
boothSizeContains booth size: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE. This setting can only be updated by event host.
preferredExhibitorReturns if the exhibitor is a preferred exhibitor. This setting can only be updated by event host.
autoGenerateLeadShows if the auto generate lead is set to allow from expo page. This setting can only be updated by event host.
includeInExhibitorCarouselShows if exhibitor booth logo is included in Exhibitor Carousel. This flag is used to slide show logos or to display exhibitor logo.
scanByQRCodeThis determines if the exhibitor's sales reps can use the QR code to scan leads in the mobile app.
categoryIdListContains the ID of the exhibitor category.
categoryNameContains the name of the exhibitor category.
documentKeyValueContains the exhibitor's documents. key=Uploaded document's key and value as the document name.
documentKeyPositionContains the exhibitor's documents. key=Uploaded document's key and value as document position
eventURLContains the event URL.
eventIdContains a unique id of the event.
externalLiveStreamingEnabledReturns if external live streaming is enabled.
exhibitorFieldsInJsonContains fields of information like tabList,requestMeeting,companyRepresentativeTitle.
addLinksInJsonContains the add links for exhibitor store in key-value.
documentIdsContains the exhibitor's documents ids
streamProviderContains the stream provider of the session.
chatEnabledShows if chat is enabled for exhibitors.
acceleventsStreamingEnabledShows if Accelevents streaming (pro exhibitor) is enabled for exhibitors.
meetingPasswordContains the password of the zoom meeting.
showStatusIndicatorReturns if the Show status indicator on the expo page is enabled.
showDownloadLeadBtnReturns if the Show download lead button in my booth is enabled.
countBoothVisitorAsLeadReturns if the Count every booth visitor as a lead is enabled.
carouselLogoSliderDelaySecondsContains the Number of seconds for the carousel logo to change.
shortDescriptionContains the exhibitor's short description.
expoCardImageContains the expo card image link.
colorConfigContains the Exhibitor name and short description color.
expoBannerImageContains the URL of expo banner image.
visitedTimeContains the current date the exhibitor booth was visited.
pollEnabledShows if polling enabled for the exhibitor.
quesAndAnsEnabledShows if Q&A setting is enabled for the exhibitor
featuredShows if the exhibitor a featured booth
categoryPositionJsonContains the exhibitors category position details.
showBoothNameReturns if the Show Booth Name option is enabled.
currencyContains the currency used for the exhibitor.
createSponsorReturns if the setting is on to allow creating a sponsor from the exhibitor.
gamificationContains if the exhibitor booth is part of an expo challenge in Gamification.
qnAPrivateShows if the Q&A is Private
requireApprovalBeforeAttendeesCanJoinReturns if the setting is on to require approval before an attendee can join the live stream.
meetingEntryExitNotificationOnShows if the meeting exit and entry notification is on or off.

Error Code

Here are the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
400The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
401You are not authorized to view the resource
403Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found
4040200No Event could be found
4030201it is for the only host that can add a category and it is not then it will show this error Not Event Host
4044002Event Challenge Not Found.
4060923Exhibitor already exists
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