Get User Profile Details

This API is used to get the user profile details when the user clicks on the My Profile page from the Profile menu.

We need to pass the authorization token in API in the header.

An authorization token will be generated when the user logs into the system.

Here are the descriptions of response attributes, which return in the form of JSON.

emailThis returns the user's email ID.
firstNameThis returns the user's first name.
lastNameThis returns the user's last name.
countryCodeThis returns the user's country code.
phoneNumberThis returns the user's phone number.
address1This returns the user's address.
address2This returns the user's address.
cityOrProvidenceThis returns the user's city.
zipcodeThis returns the user's postal/zip code.
stateThis returns the user's US state.
countryThis returns the user's country name.
zapierEnabledUsed to identify whether Zapier is enabled or not.
adminReturns 'true' if the user is an admin. If not it returns "false."
userLabelReturns the label if the role of the user is either super admin or admin status.
userProfilePhotoReturns the user profile photo URL.

Here are the possible error messages, which will return if any conditions fail or the required data is missing for processing

Error codeError description
401User is not authorized to view the resource.
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found.
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