Get organizer team members

This API is used to get a list of team members under the organization. This will not return users deleted from the application.

Path Parameters
orgId - Unique identifier of an organizer.

Body Parameters
Not Required

Details / Check response object

Authentication required - ✅

Role wise accessibility 

Super Admin - ✅
Admin - ✅
Staff - ❌
Attendee - ❌
Exhibitor - ❌
Speaker - ❌

Display - ❌
Portal - ❌
Host - ✅

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of a JSON array.

id This contains a unique identifier of the team member.
firstName This contains the first name of the team member. If the first name is blank, it will return a null value.
lastName This contains the last name of the team member. If the last name is blank, it will return a null value.
email This contains the email address of the team member.
photo This contains the team member's profile picture URL.
billingContact This indicates whether the team member is a billing contact or not.
role This contains the user role of the team member.
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