Retrieve categories detail

This API will get all categories details of the recently visited event for the passed data type.

Path Parameters
eventUrl - It contains event url

Body Parameters
Not Required

Details / Check response object

Authentication required - ✅

Role wise accessibility 

Super Admin - ✅
Admin - ✅
Staff - ❌
Attendee - ❌
Exhibitor - ❌
Speaker - ❌

Display - ❌
Portal - ❌
Host - ✅

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of a JSON array.

idRepresents the unique identifier of seating categories.
nameRepresents the name of a seating category.
havingVariationsRepresents if a ticket has variation or not.
colorRepresents the seating category color code.
imageUrlRepresents the seating category image URL.
quantityRepresents the total quantity of tickets for the category.
eventIdA number that represents a unique identifier for an event.
positionRepresents the position value of the category.
dataTypeRepresents the ticket type, value can be TICKET or ADDON.
ticketTypeRepresents ticket type, value can be FREE, PAID or DONATION.
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