Get list of events in Enterprise Account

This API is used to get a list of events created under and Enterprise or White Label account. The parameters are in curly braces in the above URL for that need to pass these values:

whiteLabelURL is the whitelabel URL where the list of events will come from
pastEvent is a parameter with a true or false value that is used to specify whether you want to fetch past events or active & upcoming events. pass True to get all past events and pass false to get all active & upcoming events

Query params
page: Default value of page is 0, which is used for pagination E.g. If you need result after the first 10 events and total events count is 200 then you need to pass page value as 1 it'll return the events records from 11 to 20.
size: defualt value of size is 10, which is returns 10 events per page if you need more or less events in single page then you can pass value accordingly

Path Parameters

Body Parameters
Not Required

Details / Check response object

Authentication required - ❌

Here are the descriptions of response attributes, which will return in the form array of JSON.

recordsTotalThis field represents the total records in the event.
recordsFilteredThis field represents the number of records that were fetched via this API.
dataThis field represents an array of event's objects.
eventNameIt contains the name of event.
eventIdThis event ID represents the unique ID of each event. It will generate automatically when creating a new event
eventURLEvent URL is a unique identifier for your event.
E.g Here, "demo" is the event URL.
eventEndDateThis is the event's end date.
eventCreateDateThis is the event created date.
eventStartDateThis is the event's start date.
logoImageThis contains the event logo URL.
eventFormatThis represents the format of the event E.g. VIRTUAL, HYBRID, IN-PERSON.
eventListingStatusThis represents the status of the event listing E.g. PUBLISHED, PRIVATE, PREVIEW, POSTPONED.
eventPlanNameThis represents the plan name of the event.
totalSoldTicketIt contains the total count of sold tickets under the event.
organizerIdThis represents the id of an organizer for the event
eventTicketRevenueDtoThis contains the details regarding the event ticket revenue. Below are the attributes of the ticket revenue object.
netSales: This represents the net sales of tickets.
totalSales: This represents the total sales of tickets.
totalTicketSold: It contains the total tickets sold
totalWLFees: It will show the total white label fees.
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