Get Sponsor's Analytics

  • API used at host side event admin, super admin, and organizer admin can access this API.
  • On the host side when we click on Analytics -> Sponsors -> Details ( on sponsors row), it will give us a sponsors Id and it will return the information of how many times the sponsor gets clicked by attendees in the provided source.
  • Possible sources where attendees can click on sponsors cards are the sponsor tab on the event site, the sponsor tab in the lobby, the area above chat, and inside sessions.
  • On the event site page if the user is not logged in then clicks on this user will be counted as Anonymous clicks
  • We need to pass an authorization token here, which is generated after successful login into the account.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON.

IdUnique id of the sponsor.
Sponsor NameName of the sponsor.
Count By SourceClick count information of provided source where attendees can click on sponsor cards.
Logged InThe number of clicks made by logged-in users on the event site page.
AnonymousThe number of clicks made by not logged-in users on the event site page.
CarouselThe number of clicks made from the carousel (Area above Chat).
SponsorThe number of clicks from the Sponsor tab on the Lobby or inside a Session.

Description of HTTP Response code.

Response CodeDescription
200Successfully API called.
400The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
401You are not authorized to view the resource.
4030201You don't have host-level access to access the resource
4040049A valid source is not provided in API. Valid sources are:
lobby, session and event_site
  • For different sources, it will give a different response.
Lobby { "id": 3977, "sponsorName": "Small Sponsor2", "countBySource": { "sponsor": 0, "carousel": 0 } }
Session{ "id": 3977, "sponsorName": "Small Sponsor2", "countBySource": { "sponsor": 4, "carousel": 1 } }
Event Site{ "id": 3977, "sponsorName": "Small Sponsor2", "countBySource": { "logged_in": 1, "anonymous": 0 } }
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