Get Exhibitor by Exhibitor id

This API is used to get all exhibitor details from exhibitor id and event Url.
we get details of the exhibitor is describe In response


Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

id it is the Unique id of the exhibitor.
staffUserIds it containts List of userIds of exhibitor's staffs in coma separated string
exhibitorName Full name of the exhibitor
leadRetrieversAllowed it will return is lead retrieving allowed to exhibitor?
seeAllLeads it will return if the exhibitor can see all leads?
maxLeadRetrieversit contains how many Maximum Lead Retrievers
linkToSiteit contains a comma-separated link to the exhibitor website for a link
videoURLit contains videoURL of the exhibitor
logoit contains the key to the logo image
socialLinksit contains social media links of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
exhibitorDescriptionit contains a brief introduction of exhibitor
offerit contains an offer of exhibitor given by exhibitor
offerLinkit contains an offer link of the exhibitor given by the exhibitor
positionit contains the position of exhibitor
exhibitorLinkClicksit contains the number of click on exhibitor links
liveStreamUrlit contains the live stream URL of the exhibitor for expo workshop session
proAccountit returns true if the exhibitor has a pro zoom account
companyDetailsit contains exhibitor's company details
boothSizeit contains booth size, It can one of this three SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, This will be only update by event host.
preferredExhibitorit contains is preferred exhibitor, This will be only update by event host.
autoGenerateLeadit contains if auto generate lead allow from expo page , This will be only update by event host.
includeInExhibitorCarouselit include in Exhibitor Carousel, This flag is use to slide show of logos or to display exhibitor logo.
scanByQRCodeit determines if the exhibitor's sales reps can use the QR code to scan leads in the mobile app.
categoryIdListit contains the id of the exhibitor category.
categoryNameit contains the name of the exhibitor category.
documentKeyValueit contains exhibitor's documents. key=Uploaded document's key and value as the document name
documentKeyPositionit contains exhibitor's documents. key=Uploaded document's key and value as document Position
eventURLit contains the event URL of the event
eventIdit contains a unique id of the event
externalLiveStreamingEnabledit contains is external live streaming enabled?
exhibitorFieldsInJsonit contains fields information like tabList,requestMeeting,companyRepresentativeTitle
addLinksInJsonit contains add links for exhibitor store in key-value
documentIdsit contains exhibitor's documents Ids
streamProviderit contains stream provider of the workshop session
chatEnabledit contains is chat is enable for exhibitors?
acceleventsStreamingEnabledit contains is accelevents streaming enabled for exhibitors?
meetingPasswordit contains the password of the zoom meeting
showStatusIndicatorit contains is Show status indicator on expo page for this staff based on this flag
showDownloadLeadBtnit contains is Show download lead button in my booth.
countBoothVisitorAsLeadit contains is Count every booth visitor as a lead
carouselLogoSliderDelaySecondsit contains the Number of seconds for carousel logo slider delay
shortDescriptionit contains an exhibitor sort description
expoCardImageit contains expo card image link
colorConfigit contains Exhibitor name and short description color
expoBannerImageit contains URL of expo banner image
visitedTimeit contains visited Current date
pollEnabledit contains is poll enabled for the exhibitor?
quesAndAnsEnabledit contains is ques and ans enabled for the exhibitor?
featuredit contains exhibitor is featured is on or off?
categoryPositionJsonit contains exhibitors category position details
showBoothNameis Show Booth Name
currency it contains the currency used for exhibitor
createSponsorit contains allow to create sponsor from exhibitor
gamificationit contains is an expo in Gamification
qnAPrivateit contains is QnA Private?
requireApprovalBeforeAttendeesCanJoinit contains is require approval before an attendee can join
meetingEntryExitNotificationOnit contains is the meeting exit and entry notification is on or off?

Error Code

Here are the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
400The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
401You are not authorized to view the resource
403Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found
40600013Can't create url
4040200Event Not Found
4040027Exhibitor not found
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