Download Ticket Buyer Data in CSV Format

This API used to download the Ticket Buyer data in CSV format for a specified event.

This API can be accessed by Event Admins, Organizer Admins, and Enterprise Admins.

Description of response attributes. Attributes are returned as JSON.
If the response returns successfully, you will receive a Success response.

typeType of API response. i.e Success or Fail.
messageThe body of the API response contains data for the end user.

To call this API, you may pass in the startTime and endTime for the date range of orders you would like to access.

The response will include a CSV with all properties and values associated with Ticket Buyers for a given event. Please note, if you are only capturing information for Ticket Holders or if you are capturing other properties for Ticket Holders you will want to use the Ticket Holders endpoint.

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