Get the holder/buyer/addon field details

This api returns mapped attributes of buyer/holder and addon which required to fill data during ticket purchase.
To call this api, user have to pass event url, order id which was return in order generation api and authentication key to authenticate user.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON.

customDisclaimer It will return disclaimer set by the event host.
discountCouponIt will return true if any discount coupon is available.
processingFeesToPurchaserIt will return true if the processing fees take from purchaser.
purchaserDetailIt will provide the following purchaser details.
addressRequiredIf address required than it will return true else false.
adminIf login user is admin than it will return true.
bidderNumberIt will return a bidder number.
countryCodeIt will return a login user's country code.
emailIt will return a login user's email id.
firstNameIt will return a login user's first name.
hasStaffAccessIt will return true if login user have staff access for specified event.
lastNameIt will return a login user's last name.
linkedCard It will return attached card details with the event. It will return a stripe card id.
stripeCards.last4 It will return a last 4 digits of mapped stripe card.
stripeCards.expmonth It will return a expiry month of mapped stripe card.
stripeCards.expyear It will return a expiry year of mapped stripe card.
stripeCards.defaultCardIt will return if mapped card is default card for event.
stripeCards.cardType It will return a card type details.
userId It will return unique user id, which is mapped with the user.
userProfilePhoto It will return user's profile photo image id.
phonenumber It will provide a user's phone number.
marketingOptIn It will return true if marketing option is enabled for the user.
ticketAttributeIt will provide a list of ticket attribute detials.
addOnsQuestionsIt will provide a details of add on custom questions.
attendeesIt will provide require attendee attributes.
attributesThis will provide different required attributes.
* name It will show required attributes name.
* type It will provide it's type. e.g. text, dropdown etc.
* value It will provide custom attributes value.
* defaultValue It will provide custom attributes default value.
* mandatory It will return true if attribute is required to fill.
* eventTicketTypeId It will return list of mapped ticket type id with specific attribute.
headerIt will provide selected ticket type's header.
tableIdIt will return table id.
tickettypeid It will return selected ticket type id.
questions It will gives list of question added for attendee details.
buyerInformationFieldsIt will returns a require buyer attributes added for the specified ticket type.
couponCodeIt will return a coupon code.
discountAmount It will return a discount amount.
hasAddOnAttributes It will return true if add-on attributes are available.
hasHolderAttributes It will return true if holder attributes are available.
onlyDonationTicket It will return true if only donation will be available.
orderData It will return selected ticket type details.
avgTotalFee It will return a average total fee on ticket type.
idIt will return a ticket type id.
numberofticketIt will return number of selected tickets.
priceIt will return ticket price.
priceWithFee It will return total payable amount price with fees.
ticketTypeDescriptionIt will return a ticket type description.
ticketTypeName It will return a ticket type name.
orderId It will return order id, which generated based on the ticket reservation.
remainingSeconds It will provide a remaining time to release the reserved tickets it order didn't confirmed.
showCellPhoneField It will return true/false to show/hide phone number field.
totalPrice It will return a total amount based on the selected tickets.

Here is the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
4040200 No Event could be found.
4060426Order is already paid.
4060425 You have not completed checkout in the allotted time. Please click here to restart the checkout process.
4040100 No User could be found
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