Calculate fees based on selected tickets

User can use this api to check the total payable amount after adding extra charge based on selected tickets. It has the price and ticketing type id which we get from available ticketing details api.
No need to pass authentication key to call this api.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON.

aeFees It will return amount of accel event fees.
ccFees It will returns the amount for credit card processing fees.
ticketPrice It will return a selected ticket's price.
ticketQuantity It will return a count of tickets which user have selected for purchase.
ticketingTypeId It will return a unique ticket type id mapped with a ticket type.
totalPayable It will return total payable amount.(ticket amount + extra charges)
wlFees It will return amount of wl event fees.

Here is the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
4040200 No Event could be found
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