Organizer Details

This API is used to get organizer details associated with the specified event.

It will return data like organizerId, organizerPageURL, planEndDate, renewalDate, allowSocialSharing, chargebeeCustomerId, chargebeePlanName, subscriptionId and many more.

To call this API, the user has to pass query parameters with API URLs like organizer_Url and authentication key to authenticate the user.


Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

allowSocialSharing This allows social sharing. If "true" then social sharing is allowed. If "false" it will not be. By default it's true.
backgroundColor Returns the organizer's background color.
chargebeeCustomerId Returns the Chargebee customer ID. For example: Azyu5aSd2cJ5g2Cnm
chargebeePlanName Returns the Chargebee plan name. For example: SingleEventUnit, Professional, Enterprise, Free, etc.
contactEmailAddress Returns the organizer's contact email address. This can be a maximum of 75 characters.
countOfWhiteLabelEvents Returns the count of White Label Events associated with a particular organizer.
facebookLink Returns the organizer's Facebook link.
linkedInLink Returns the organizer's LinkedIn link.
logoImage Returns the organizer's logo image.
name Returns the organizer's name.
organizerChargeInfoDtos Returns the Organizer Charge Details. This includes:
availableQuantity: The available purchased quantity.
organizerId: This contains the organizer ID.
totalQuantity: This contains the total purchased quantity.
chargeConfig: This contains the charge configuration. It will return data like amount, chargeDisplayName, chargeId, id, and recordStatus.
organizerDescription Returns the organizer description.
organizerPageURL Returns the organizer page URL. For Example ProfessionalPlan12.
planEndDate Returns the Chargebee plan end date.
planId Returns the Chargebee plan ID.
renewalDate Returns the plan renewal date.
showTrayIntegration Returns the show or hides tray integration.
soldTicketCountForWhiteLabel Returns the number of sold ticket counts.
subscriptionId Returns the subscription ID.
textColor Returns the organizer text color.
totalTicketCountForWhiteLabel Returns the number of total ticket counts.
twitterLink Returns the organizer's Twitter link.
website Returns the organizer's website. A maximum 250 characters are allowed for this field.
whiteLabelId Returns the white label ID.

Error Code

Here is the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error codeError Description
200Successfully retrieved organizer details.
400The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
401You are not authorized to view the resource.
403Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden.
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found.
4060086Not authorized for edit organizer page.
4040600Organizer Not Found.
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