Get ticketing sales wrapper date

This API will get ticketing sales details and uses pagination and searching functionality to retrieve records.

Path Parameters
event url

Body Parameters
Not Required

Details / Check response object

Authentication required - ✅

Role wise accessibility 

Super Admin - ✅
Admin - ✅
Staff - ❌
Attendee - ❌
Exhibitor - ❌
Speaker - ❌

Display - ❌
Portal - ❌
Host - ✅

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of a JSON.

data It contains below list of attributes
that can be an array of objects.
Attribute Description
grossRevenueIt represents the gross revenue amount.
recurringEventDatescheckInXMinutesBefore: Number of allowed minutes before check-in.
endTime: Recurring event end time.
occursFrom: It represents a recurring event start date.
occursUntil: It represents a recurring event end date.
startTime: Recurring event start time.
recurringEventIdIt represents the recurring event identifier.
ticketsSoldIt represents the total number of tickets sold.
totalTicketsIt represents the total number of tickets.
recordsFiltered It returns the filter added to get a listing of attendees.
recordsTotal It returns total records of all attendees.
error It contains error information.
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