Get sponsor details by sponsor id.

This API will help to get sponsor details by sponsor id. We need to provide sponsor id and event url to get sponsor.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

id This should be sponsor's unique id.
sponsorName This should be sponsor's name.
sponsorLogo This should be sponsor's uploaded logo.
sponsorSize This should be sponsor's size. We have provided three type of size SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.
sponsorUrl This is sponsor url. When we click on sponsor logo that it redirect as per enter url.
eventId This should be event id.
position This is position to show all sponsors order.
includeInLobbyCarousel This is boolean value. If value true for sponsor then we will show sponsor logo on lobby chat else we are not show.
carouselLogoSliderDelaySeconds This is time to delay to show carousel logo on lobby chat.
shortDescription This is short description to show for sponsor.
sponsorCardImage This is sponsor card background image.
colorConfig It's contain color configuration of sponsor name, description and categoryColor.
cardTag This is card tag for sponsor.
exhibitorId It's contain exhibitor id to identify sponsor will created with same name of exhibitor when exhibitor created.

Here is the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
403Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden.
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found.
4040200No Event could be found.
40600013Cant create url.
4040028Sponsor not found.
4060918You are not authorized to access this sponsor.
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