Get whitelabel billing summery

This API will get the list of item usages to reflect on the billing summary and will return details such as plan purchase, paid ticket fees, fundraiser modules activation, attendee upload charge, attendee overages, and fundraiser usage.

Path Parameters
whiteLabelURL- White label URL is a unique URL that is managed and provided by the Whitelabel admin. You can have multiple events within the same white label URL.

Body Parameters
Not Required

Details / Check response object

Authentication required - ✅

Role wise accessibility 

Super Admin - ✅
Whitelabel Admin - ✅
Staff - ❌
Attendee - ❌
Exhibitor - ❌
Speaker - ❌

Display - ❌
Portal - ❌
Host - ✅

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of a JSON.

billingDay The day of the month when this account's Billing Cycle ends.
remainingAttendeesDays The number of credits remaining on an account.
usagesDetailsDtos This is an array of objects, which contains a usages list
date: The date when usage occurred.
description : Usage description.
eventName: Name of the event.
count: Information such as the quantity of charge.
currentBalance Pre-populated balance to be paid.
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