Event Data With Design Details

This API used to get event data with design details associated with the specified event.
This API can be access by event admin and super admin. It will return event data like accessToken, eventId, eventStatus, eventURL, address, eventDesignDetails, organizerName, createdDate and many more.
To call this API, user have to pass query param with API URL like eventurl, userKey and authentication key to authenticate user.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.
It will return a success message if API execute successfully.

eventId This event ID represent unique ID of each event. It will generate automatically when it's create new event.
name It's contains name of event.
eventURL Event url is unique identifier for your event. E.g https://www.accelevents.com/events/demo. Here demo is the event url.
auctionEnabled It will return the auction enabled or not.
auctionModuleShow It will return the auction module show or hide.
auctionId This auction ID represent unique ID of each event
latitude It will return the event of latitude.
accessToken It's access token for sms module.
access_token: Access token is required for all user related operation.
expires_in: It contains expire time of the access token.
redirectUrl: It contains redirect Url based on user role.
userId: It contains user id.
showExhibitorMenu: It will return show exhibitor menu.
userRole: It shows role of user.
whiteLabelURL: White label url is a unique url which is managed and provided by white label admin.
longitude It's contains the event longitude.
fundANeedEnabled It's contains the fund A Need enabled or not.
fundANeedModuleShow It's contains the fundANeed module show or hide.
fundANeedId The fundANeedId returns unique value associated with fundANeed.
raffleEnabled It will return true then raffle is enabled otherwise false.
paymentGateway This determines the payment gateway to which event host had connected the event to receive payments.
startDate event start date in yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm format.
endDate event end date in yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm format.
address It's contains the ticketing venue address.
isRecurring It will return the true then is recurring otherwise false.
organizerName It's contains the name of organizer.
organizerPageURL It's contains the page url of organizer.
raffleModuleShow It's contains the raffle nodule hide or show.
raffleId The raffleId returns unique value associated with raffle.
ticketingEnabled It's check Is ticketing enabled or not.
ticketingId The ticketingId returns unique value associated with ticketing.
donationEnabled It will return the true then donation is enabled otherwise false.
textToGiveEnabled It's check Is text to give enabled or not.
fundRaisingGoal It will return the fund raising goal for specific event.
goalStartingAmount It will return the starting amount of goal.
timezoneId It's contains the timezone id, e.g. India Time, United States (New York) Time etc.
timezoneOffset It's contains the timezone offset.
equivalentTimezone This is timezone equivalent to custom timezone, e.g. Asia/Karachi, Asia/Calcutta, America/New_York.
phoneNumber It's contains the country code wise phone number.
accountActivatedTriggerStatus Account activated trigger status for facebook pixel.It will return either INITIAL,
creditCardEnabled It's check credit card are enabled or not.
ccRequiredForBidConfirm Is credit card required for bid confirmation.
taxId The taxId returns unique value associated with event.
createdDate It contains the event's created date in the yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm format.
countryCode It contains the country code of event, e.g. US, IN, ID.
currency It will return the currency like HKD, USD, JPY, EURO.
currencySymbol It's contains the symbol of currency, e.g. $, €, Mex$.
processingFeesToPurchaser It's processing fees to purchaser for specific event.
enableBidderRegistration It will return true then bidder registration is enable otherwise false.
auctionEnded It will return true then auction has ended otherwise false.
raffleEnded It will return true then raffle has ended otherwise false.
fundANeedEnded It will return the true then fund a need has ended otherwise false.
ticketingEnded It will return the true then auction has ended otherwise false.
eventDesignDetails It's contains the event design details
whiteLabelName: It's contains the white label name for white label event.
whiteLabelUrl: It will return the white label Url for white label event.
logoEnabled: It's contains the logo enabled or not.
logoImage It's contains the logo image for event design details.
headerLogoImage: It's contains the header logo image for specific event.
notificationPopupImage: It will return the notification popup image.
headerColor: It will return the header color for specific event.
headerFontColor: It will return the color of header font.
bannerImageEnabled: It's contains the banner image enabled or not.
bannerImage: It's contains the banner image.
descripation: It will return the description of specific event design details.
totalFundRaisedShow: It's contains the number of fund raised show.
socialSharingEnabled: It's contains the social sharing enabled or not.
intercomActivated: It's check with intercom activated or not.
helpCenterActivated: It's contains the activated help center.
poweredByAeActivated: It's powered by Ae activated or not.
billingPageEnabled: Is billing page enabeld?
marketingOptInHidden: Is marketing Option Hidden?
marketingOptInChecked: Is marketing Option Checked?
defaultItemImage: It's contains the default Item Image.
hideFundRaisingModuleToggle: It will return the true then hide fund raising module toggle otherwise false.
faviconDirectory: Fav ICon Directory Name For White Label.
fbAppId: It's contains the Facebook App Id.
whiteLabelHostBaseUrl: It's contains the white label host base url.
footerText: It's contains the footer text.
whiteLabelUrl: The white label Url for white label event.
whiteLabelName: It's contains the White Label name for white label event.
auctionTabTitle: It's contains the auction tab title.
fundANeedTabTitle: It's contains the FundANeed tab title.
raffleTabTitle: It's contains the raffle tab title.
ticketingTabTitle: It's contains the ticketing Tab Title.
donationTabTitle: It's contains the donation Tab Title.
helpCenterURL: It's contains the help center url.
stripeDocumentationURL: It's contains the Stripe guideline document URL.
signUpText: It's contains the sign up text.
emailTemplateId: It's contains the default email template Id for contact email.
sponsorSection: It's event sponsor section, if not passed will set empty string.
eventTagLine: It's event tag line for display pages.
displayBackgroundColor: It's contains the background color for the display.
displayTextColor: It's contains the text color for the display.
hideSponsorSection: It's hide sponsor section.
getStartedUrl: It's contains the get Started Url.
ticketingBuyButtonText: It's contains the but button text. It will return data like button color, label, font and hide button.
raffleBuyButtonText: It's contains the raffle but button text. It will return data like button color, label, font and hide button.
trackingScript: It's contains the tracking Script.
virtualEventScript: It's virtual event script.
themeId: It's contains the theme id.
orderConfirmationText: Order confirmation text is success message to user on ticket purchase.
enableSessionsSpeakers: It's contains the enable sessions speakers.
enableAutoAssignedSequence: It's enable auto assigned attendee number.
hideGoogleMap: It's contains the hide google map.
donationButtonText: It's contains the donation button text. It will return data like Donation Button Color, Donation Button hidden or not and Button label.
eventType: It's contains the event type.
configureTabsAsJson: Configure this tabs. About, Agenda, Sponsor, Speakers, Exhibitors. Json contains Order of the tab, name of the Tab, hide or unhide for the tab in JSON format.
allowEndedEventAccess: Allow attendees from accessing event after event ends.
hideCreateEventButton: It's contains the hide create event button.
hideProductUpdateNotification: It's contains the hide product update notification.
eventCalendarInvite: It's event calendar invite.
displayTabsColor: It's contains the tabs color for the display.
displayTabsTextColor: It's contains the tabs color for the display.
showOrganizer: It's ability to show organizer.
adBlockerDocumentUrl: It's Ad blocker document URL.
adBlockerLogoImage: It's ad blocker logo Image.
exitIntentContent: It's exit Intent content.
analyticsId It's contains the event google analytics Id.
trackingPixelId It's contains the event facebook tracking pixel Id.
liveItemAvailable It will return the live item is available or not. If available then return true otherwise false.
stripeKey It's contains the key for stripe or square.
squareLocationId It's contains the location Id of square.
isStripeConnectRequiredToTicketing It will return the stripe connect required for ticketing or not.
ccProcessingEnabled True when payment gateway is connected else will be false.

Here is the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
200Successfully retrieved event data with design details.
400The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
401You are not authorized to view the resource.
403Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden.
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found.
4040100User Not Found
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