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You can call this API to have a user registered to the Accelevents (Admin Console) platform. It's necessary to provide the user's first name, email and password (following the regular password requirements) for the registration to be successful.
This API will, then, return an Access Token which will be used in further requests for user authentication.

Below, you can find the description of each response attribute, which are returned in JSON format




The access_token is used as the authentication key to validate the user's access to the API.
It contains encrypted user details about the access of this user to any event in which they are assigned as admins.


The expires_in attribute returns the date and time of the access token's expiration.


It will tell whether the user will be redirected after logging in (for White Label admns).


It returns 'true' if the user is an exhibitor admin or lead retriever. Otherwise, it returns 'false'.


The userId returns a unique numerical value associated with user's account. It is used to reference users through the diverse APIs.


The userrole returns the assigned role for the specified userId for a specific event.


White label url is a unique url which is managed and provided by a White Label admin.

Below, you can find the description of the possible error messages, which are returned if any condition fails or in case any of the required data is missing from the request

Error Code

Error Description


Password is Empty.


Email is Empty.


Password should contain at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 special character (Valid special characters: [email protected]#$%^&*+-_=), 1 number, no whitespaces and should be at least 8 characters in length.


User already exist.


No User could be found.

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