Get holder user information list by holder ticket ids

  • This API is used to get the Ticket holder user attribute list by their user ids.
  • This API provides a list of holder information that was captured while buying the ticket.
  • User needs to log in before accessing this API as an authorization token is needed to get these

Here is a description of the response fields.

attributesThis includes a list of attributes of fields includes the type of attribute, name, value, defaultValue, event ticket ids.
questionsThis includes an array of Question fields.
seatNumberThis represents the seat number of the ticket.
eventTicketingIdThis represents event ticketing id.
eventKeyThis represents event id.
nameThis represents the name of the attribute.
typeThis represents the type of attribute. possible values will be text, email, dropdown, password, number, date, image, BILLING_ADDRESS, SHIPPING_ADDRESS, country, state, upload, multiple-choice, etc.
valueThis represents the name of the attribute.
defaultValueThis represents the default value of the attribute field.
mandatoryThis represents is field mandatory or not.
eventTicketTypeIdThis includes allowing ticket types for this field attribute.

Here is a description of the error codes that you get in response.

Status codeError codeDescription
4014010101The request not authorize to access.
404Request path not found.
405Request method not Supported.
4064060001Request not accepted.
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