Get the organizer event list with ticket types

This API is used to get a list of events created under the organizer profile.
The path parameter needs to pass these two values:

organizer_URL is the organizer page URL where the list of events will come from
past_event is a boolean parameter used to specify whether you want to fetch past events or active & upcoming events. True for the past events and false for active & upcoming events.
isFromOrganizerProfilePage is used to fetch only those events which are not hidden on the organizer profile page.

Path Parameters

Body Parameters
Not Required

Details / Check response object

Authentication required - ❌

Here are the descriptions of response attributes, which will return in the form array of JSON.

eventId This event ID represents the unique ID of each event. It will generate automatically when creating a new event.
minTicketPrice This represents the minimum ticket price from the list of tickets, It does not include Add-on tickets.
maxTicketPrice This represents the maximum ticket price from the list of tickets, It does not include Add-on tickets.
name It contains the name of the event.
eventURL Event URL is a unique identifier for your event.
E.g Here, "demo" is the event URL.
eventEndDate This is the event end date in YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM format
eventLogo This contains the event logo URL.
eventLocation This is the event location.
eventStartDate This is the event start date in YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM format
equivalentTimezone This is the timezone equivalent to custom timezone.
currency This is the currency used for the event.
saleStartDate This is the ticket start date.
eventDescription This is the event description.
ticketingTypeList This contains a list of ticket types for the event.
Below are the attributes of Ticket type object.
typeId: Unique Identifier of a ticket. It is an auto-generated key while creating tickets.
name: Ticket name assigned to the ticket.
price: The amount per ticket.
fee: It will show the extra charges on the ticket amount.
endDate: The ticket type's sale end date.
startDate: The ticket type's sale start date.
bundleType: This is a bundle type of ticket e.g. INDIVIDUAL_TICKET, TABLE, SPONSOR or BLOCK.
ticketsPerTable: Number of tickets per table.
remainingTickets: Number of available tickets to purchase.
maxTickerPerBuyer: It will provide a count on the number of tickets that users can purchase at a time.
minTickerPerBuyer: It will provide a minimum count for ticket purchase.
ticketTypeDescription: It will return a custom description for ticket type.
enableTicketDescription: If its value is true then the ticket description will display.
passFeesToBuyer: It will return true if the amount of the fee is passed to the buyers.
position: It will return a double value which is useful to sort categories.
ticketType: It will return a ticket type, the value can be FREE or PAID.
categoryColor: It will return a category color.
totalSoldTickets: It will return a sold ticket count.
categoryId: It will return a category id.
dataType: It will provide details of available datatypes in a specified event, the value will be like Add-on or Ticket.
eventCapacityReach Is the event capacity reached? it returns as true if the total tickets sold are greater or equal to the event capacity; if not, it returns as false.
totalAeRevenue It represents the total AE revenue for an event.
eventStatus It represents the event status.
totalSoldTickets It represents the total number of sold tickets for an event.
planConfigNames It is the plan name associated with the event.
hideEventFromOrganizer This flag is used when deciding if an event should be hidden on the organizer profile page or not.
recurringEvent It will contain a check if it's a recurring event or no check if it's not.
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