People Profile Details

This API is used to get the profile details of the user.

Here is a description of Response fields.

idThis field represents people ID.
userIdThis field represents the user ID.
firstNameThis field represents the first name of the user.
lastNameThis field represents the last name of the user.
pronounsThis field represents the pronouns of the user.
photoThis field represents the photo of the user.
coverPhotoThis field represents the cover photo of the user.
acceptDirectMessagesThis field represents whether the user accepts direct messages or not.
acceptMeetingRequestsThis field represents the accessibility of accepting a meeting request.

Everyone - Any user can send a meeting request to this user.
My Connection - Only connected users can send a meeting request.
No one - No user can send a meeting request to this user.
showContactInfoThis field represents if the user wants to show contact info or not.
companyThis field represents the user's company.
titleThis field represents the user's title.
timezoneIdThis field represents the user's time zone.
equivalentTimezoneThis field represents the user's equivalent time zone.
statusThis field represents the connection status of the user.
rejectedByThis field represents the ID of rejected by the user.
eventIdThis field represents the event ID.
videoIntroThis field represents the video intro URL.
extraInfoThis field represents extra information fields including
"about me," "wants to learn," "knows," & "wants to meet."
interestsThis field represents the interests of the user.
availabilityDurationThis field represents the availability duration of the user.
requestThis field represents if the connection status of the suer is request type or not.
instagramThis field represents the Instagram URL of the user.
facebookThis field represents the Facebook URL of the user.
twitterThis field represents the Twitter URL of the user.
linkedInThis field represents the LinkedIn URL of the User.
availabilityStartTimeThis field represents the availability start time of the user for meetings.
availabilityEndTimeThis field represents the availability end time of the user for meetings.
availabilityTimezoneIdThis field represents the availability time zone ID of the user for the meeting.
showProfileThis field represents if the user's profile will be shown or not.
rulesThis field represents the meeting availability rules of the user.
meetingAvailabilitySettedThis field represents if the meeting availability rule is defined or not.
emailNotificationThis field represents if email notifications are enabled or not.
allowCallsAndVideosFromNotConnectedAttendeesThis field represents if the user allows calls and videos from not connected attendees.
exposeProfileToOtherUserThis field represents user wants to expose their profile to others or not.

Here is a Description for Error Code.

Response status codeError CodeDescription
4014010101You are not authorized to access this.
404Request path not found.
405Request method not supported.
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