Get list of Companies, from attendee profile, of attendees of an event with pagination

This API is used to get the list of companies of all the attendees of the event. The returned list is paginated and sorted alphabetically. To call this API, you need to pass,

  1. the eventurl in the path parameter.
  2. authorisation token in the header.
  3. A JSON object, in the request body, which should have page size, page and a search string. The search string can be empty to fetch all the companies. If any value is passed in the search string parameter then only the companies whose name matches the search string will be returned.

The response includes total records, filtered records, list of JSON elements representing the company. If there is any error then an error message will also be present.

Here is the description of response fields.

recordsTotalRepresents total number of companies.
recordsFilteredRepresents the number of companies returned in this response.
dataIt contains a list of JSON object. Each JSON object represent a company.
companyIt represents company name.
titleIt represents title, but in current, API it will be always null.
countIt represents count, in current API it will be always null.
errorIt represents string error message.

Here is the description of the error code

Response Status CodeError CodeDescription
4014010101Not authorized to access.
4044040200Event not found.
406Not valid Json format
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