Get All Events of User by Status

This API is used to get a list of All Events Information of a user according to status.

This API is used when the user clicks on the My Events page from the Profile menu.

To call this API, we need to pass the path parameter of status and authorization token in API in the header.

An authorization token will be generated when the user login to the system.

This API returns a JSON array of event details in response with 200 status if API is executed successfully.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON :

nameReturns the name of the event.
eventURLReturns the Event URL which is a unique identifier for the event.
eventStartDateReturns the start date of the event.
eventEndDateReturns the end date of the event.
eventTypeThis field describes the type/role of the event user like admin, staff, user, exhibitor admin, or lead retriever.
typeThis field describes the type of the event like Music, Festival, Auction etc.
addressReturns the event address.
eventStripePublishableKeyReturns the Stripe publishable key if Stripe is connected and activated in order to receive payment for the event.
eventLogoReturns the logo of the event.
numberOfTicketSoldReturns the total number of tickets sold for the event.
numberOfTotalTicketsReturns the total number of tickets setup/configured for the event by host.

Here are the possible error messages, which will return if any conditions fail or the required data is missing for processing

Error codeError description
401The user is not authorized to view the resource.
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