Get sales tax details

This API is used to retrieve sales tax details. It returns data like country, salesTaxId, salesTaxName and many more.
This endpoint can be accessed by users with event admin access or greater.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of a JSON array.

countryContains the country name. The default value is null.
salesTaxIdContains a sales tax ID. The default value is null.
salesTaxNameContains the sales tax name. The default value is null.
absorbTaxContains absorb the sales tax. The default value is false.
salesTaxRateContains a sales tax rate.
allTickeTypeAll ticket type
ticketTypesContains an array of ticket types for this event

typeId : Contains ticketing type ID
categoryId : Contains category ID
name : Contains ticketing type name
ticketingTypeIdsContains ticketing type ID's.
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