All Auction Live Item List

This API is used to get a list of all items being saved for a live auction.

We need to pass the searchString and page as a query parameter and an authentication token to authorize the user. This API can be accessed by admins, super admin, and white-label admins.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

idReturns the item ID.
positionReturns the item position.
nameReturns the item name.
descriptionReturns the item's starting bid value.
excerptReturns the item excerpt.
codeReturns the unique 3-letter item code.
categoryReturns the item category.
imagesReturns item images
id : Returns the item ID
imageUrl : Returns the image URL
position : Returns the item image position
purchasedReturns whether the item has been purchased or not.
activeReturns whether the item is active & open for bidding or not.
itemShortNameReturns the item short name, once one is created.
categoriesReturns the list of created categories.
isLiveAuctionItemReturns whether the item is a live auction item or not.
favoriteItemReturns whether the item is marked as favorite or not by a specific user. If the user is not logged in then this will be false.
itemCategorysReturns the list of item categories.
totalItemsReturns the total number of items.
moduleShowReturns if the module will show or not.
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