Check item as per given itemcode

This API is used to check items as per the given item code and gets records. To get this API we need to pass the authentication key,eventurl, module, itemCode . This API can be accessed by event admin and super admin. it will return data like itemName,currentBid,startingBid,buyItNow and many more.

if API gets executed successfully Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON.

itemNameContains the item name
currentBidContains the current bid which shows up to 2 decimal places.
startingBidContains the starting bid which shows up to 2 decimal places.
buyItNowContains the Buy It Now price
bidIncrementContains bid increment amount.
messageContains a message to display
totalTicketsSubmittedContains the total number of tickets which is submitted
minPriceContains the minimum pledge price for an auction item or fund a need cause.
boolCurrentBidContains a value in boolean form if the current item bid is greater than 0.
isAuctionEndedContains a value in boolean form if the auction module is enabled or not. If enabled then it will return "true", otherwise "false."
winnerNameContains the name of the raffle or auction item winner.
totalPledgeAmountContains the total pledge amount for a specific item.
moduleTypeContains the name of module like Auction, Raffle, Fund A Need.
auctionFundAndNeedItemDetailbidderName: Contains user's full name
bidAmount: Contains the bid amount
status : Contains a status like Purchase, Winner, Potential_Winner, Outbid, Paid, Unpaid
raffleItemDetailticketSubmitterName: Contains the user's full name for raffle item tickets
totalSubmittedTickets: Contains the total number of tickets submitted by the raffle item user
numberOfWinnersContains the number of winners within the module.
itemCodeContains the item's unique 3 letter code.
isLiveAuctionItemContains a boolean value. If the auction item is being saved for live bidding then it returns true, otherwise false. The default value is false.

Here are the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error codeError Description
4040300Item Not Found
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