Create integration

This API is used to create integration. We need to pass the authentication key to authenticate the user and query param with enable, integrationType which contain enum (ZAPIER, CVENT, TRAY_IO, TRAY_IO_CONNECTOR), ticketTypeId. This API return data like apiKey, enable, type, ticketType, apiUserDetails.

it returns a message of success. Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

apiKeyIt contains an API key.
enableIt contains a boolean value. If any integration like Tray, Cvent , Zapier is enabled it to return true.
typeIt's an enum. It contains integration types ZAPIER, CVENT, TRAY_IO, TRAY_IO_CONNECTOR.
ticketTypeticketTypeId : contains ticket type id.
ticketTypeName : contains ticket type name .
apiUserDetailsaccountNumber : contains the account number
userName : contains a user name.
password : contains user password
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