Get Fund A Need item pledge data of given item code

This API will help to get pledge details of the given item code of Fund A Need. Users need to pass item code as a path parameter to retrieve pledge details of the given item code for specific event. This API will return pledge details like donor's details, pledge amount, notes, and many more. This API can be accessed by event admin and super admin. We need to pass an authentication token to get all the items of Fund A Need.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

fundANeedPledgeDatasIt contains a List of Fund A Need pledge data of the given item code.

currency: currency associated with event
deleteEnabled: is delete link enabled?
distributed: is item distributed?
email: email id of user
firstName: first name of user
lastName: last name of user
markAsPaidEnabled: is mark as paid link enabled
markAsUnPaidEnabled: is mark as Unpaid link enabled
notes: Notes entered by user while submitting pledge
paid: is paid?
paidEnabled: is paid link enabled?
phone: phone number of user
pledgeAmount: pledge amount donated by user while submitting pledge
pledgeDate: Date of pledge when user have submitted donation
pledgeId: unique identifier of pledge
refundEnabled: is refund enabled?
requestPaymentEnabled: is request payment enabled
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