Get auction details for display page

This API is used to get the Auction module display page setting by an event. This contains all basic details of the auction which will be displayed to end users.

Path Parameters

  • Event URL

Body Parameters - Not Required
Details / Check response object

Authentication required - ❌

Display - ✅
Portal - ❌

Host - ❌

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

categoriesThis represents auction item categories, auction item may or may not belong to a particular category.
categoriesEnabledIf this is true then bidders can browse items by category, otherwise not.
countDownTimeShowIf this is true then bidders can see remaining time of auction end, otherwise not.
endDateThis contains auction end time. When the auction ends, and it will return in yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:sss format.
instructionContains instructions on how to make a bid.
marketValueEnabledSpecify the market value of each item
moduleActivatedWhether the auction is activated or not. Bidders can only make bids if this is activated (true)
moduleEndedReturns true if the module already ended, then bidders can no longer make bids. The default value is false.
pledgeButtonNameDisplay button text for end-users
requireUserAddressIf this is true then bidders must provide address details while making a bid.
socialSharingEnabledWhether social share allowed or not for an auction item
totalFundRaisedAmount of total funds collected.
txtMsgBidInstShownIf this is true, it shows text message bidding instructions
Error CodeError Description
400The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found.
4040200Event Not Found
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