Get auction host setting details

This API is will return Auction host-side setting data such as accessToken, Auction status, event timezone, and more. This endpoint can be accessed by users with event admin access or greater. Users will need to pass an authentication token to authorize the user and pass eventUrl in path param.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

activatedIs the module activated? If not passed will be set to false.
allowMultipleWinnersPerItemIs Allow multiple winners per item? If not passed will be set to false.
auctionStatusIt contains Auction Status like Event Happening, Processing Winner, Winner Announced, Bidding Extended, Event Module Deleted.
categoryEnabledIs category enabled? If not passed will be set to false.
countDownTimeShowDisplay count down? If not passed will set true.
defaultBidIncrementDefault bid increment, if not passed will be set to 0.
enableMarketValueIs market value enabled? If not passed will be set to false.
equivalentTimeZoneThis is a timezone equivalent to a custom timezone.
eventTimeZoneSelected Event Time Zone Id.
extendedBiddingEnabledAllowed to extend the auction end time?
extendedBiddingWaitingTime(seconds)It contains an integer value and indicates that the auction will extend up to this extendedBiddingWaitingTime.
highestBidderShowIs the highest bidder shown? If not passed will be set to true.
lastExtendedEndTimeItem extended bidding end date.
liveAuctionIs it a Live Auction? If not passed will be set to false.
moduleShowShow module tab on display page? If not passed will be set to false.
pledgeButtonNameUsed to set the custom name of the pledge button.
requireUserAddressAre fundraising participant mailing addresses to be collected?
showItemTotalsAre Item Totals shown on the event landing page?
timeZonesReturns list of available timezones.
txtMsgBidInstShownShow Text Message Bidding Instructions.
userTimeEnd time of Fund A Need to submit a pledge.
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