Get donation summary data

This API is used to get all donation performance data in a CSV download.

Path Parameters
Not Required

Body Parameters
Not Required

Authentication required - ✅

Role wise accessibility 

Super Admin - ✅
Admin - ✅
Staff - ❌
Attendee - ❌
Exhibitor - ❌
Speaker - ❌

Display - ❌
Portal - ❌
Host - ✅

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

recurringEnabledThis represents whether recurring donations on a monthly basis are allowed. If so, it is true. If not, it is false.
totalDonationThis represents the total donation value.
totalDonorsThis represents the total number of donors.
totalRecurringDonationThis represents the total number of recurring donations.
donationPerformancesThis holds an array of various fields including:
- id: unique identifier
- firstName: first name of donor
- lastName: last name of donor
- email: email address of donor
- phoneNumber: phone number of donor
- donationDate: date on which the donation is completed
- donationAmount: the monetary amount that the donor has given
- recurring: whether this donation is repeated monthly based or not
- refunded: if the donation is refunded to donor then this field will be true
performanceGraphThis contains an array of various fields including:
- date: date on which the donation is completed
- amount: monetary donation amount
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