Get event setting for super admin

This API is used to get event settings for super admin. This API can be accessed by super admin. We need to pass the authentication key to authenticate the super admin and pass event id as path returns data like activeEvent, activeAuction, enableAuctionWinnerNotification, enableRaffleWinnerNotification and more.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON.

activeEventThis checks if the event is active or not. If event is in the past it will return a boolean value of false.
activeAuctionThis checks if the auction is enabled and will return a boolean value.
enableAuctionWinnerNotificationThis checks if auction winner notification is enabled.
enableRaffleWinnerNotificationThis checks if raffle winner notification is enabled.
enableCardRegistrationThis checks if card registration is enabled.
activeFundANeedThis checks if the fund a need module is active.
activeRaffleThis checks if the raffle module is active.
activeSessionAgendaThis checks if the session agenda is active.
enableCustomMessageThis checks if custom messages are enabled.
numberOfContactsAllowedThis contains a number of how many contacts are allowed.
numberOfEmailsAllowedThis contains a number of how many emails are allowed.
ticketingCheckoutTimerThis contains the value of the ticketing check out timer.
enableAutoAssignedSequenceThis checks if the auto-assigned sequence is enabled.
viewScrollSpeedThis contains the view scroll speed.
enableWorkshopThis checks if the workshop is enabled.
eventFormatThis contains an event format like online, hybrid, in-person.
maxAgendaItemsThis returns the maximum number of agenda items.
activeTicketingModuleThis checks if the ticketing module is enabled.
autoDisableUnAuthLiveStreamThis returns a boolean value of true or false. This setting automatically disables an unauthorized stream if enabled.
lowLatencyThis contains a low latency.
billingTypeThis contains billing type statuses like Paid or Comp.
isAutoBillingThis returns a boolean value of true or false. It checks if auto-billing is enabled.

Here are the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error codeError Description
4040200Event Not Found
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