Get Auction Item Details based on item code

This API will get the Item Details by passing the item code and event URL, authorization token, returning item details such as item name, item description, images uploaded in items, and more. This endpoint can be accessed by users with event admin access or greater. Users will need to pass an authentication token to authorize the user.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

bidIncremetContains the value of the bid increment of the item. After every bid, the item price will be incremented by this value.
categoriesContains a list of the total item categories that exist in the auction.
categoryContains the category of the item.
descriptionContains a description of the item.
imagesContains a list of images uploaded in this item.

id: image Id
imageUrl: URL Of the image
position: position of the image
itemShortNameContains the short name of the item.
itemShowThe item will show on the event landing page?
liveAuctionItemIs it a live auction item? If not passed will be false.
marketValueContains the market value of the item.
numberOfPledgesThe total number of pledges that can be accepted.
numberOfWinnersContains the number of winners per item.

Here are the possible error messages, which will return if any condition has failed or requires missing data for processing.

Error CodeError Description
4040300Item Not Found
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