Get organizer settings

This API is used to get organizer settings-related data like organizerPageURL, billingType, waiveOffAttendeesUploadFee, freeQuantity, or isAutoBilling. This API can be accessed by super admin only. We need to pass the authentication key to authenticate the super admin and need to pass the path parameter of organizerUrl.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

organizerPageURLThis contains an organizer page URL.
billingTypeThis contains billing type statuses like Paid or Comp.
waiveOffAttendeesUploadFeeThis contains the boolean value. waiveOffAttendeesUploadFee flag is enabled or not. if it's enabled then we will not charge the attendee upload fee.
freeQuantityThis contains the number of free Quantity.
isAutoBillingThis contains the boolean value. Auto-billing flag is enabled or not.
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