Past Events for Item Upload

This API is used to get items from a past event using a CSV upload.

We need to pass the authentication token to authorize the user. This API can be accessed by admins, super admins, and white-label admins.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

eventIdThis represents the unique ID of each event. It will generate automatically when a new event is created.
nameReturns the name of the event.
auctionEnabledReturns whether the auction module is enabled or not.
auctionModuleShowReturns whether the auction module is shown or hidden on the participant side.
auctionIdThe auction ID represent unique ID of each event.
latitudeReturns the latitude of the event's location.
accessTokenReturns the access token for SMS module.
access_token: Access token is required for all user related operation.
expires_in: It contains expiration time of the access token.
redirectUrl: It contains redirect Url based on the user's role.
userId: It contains user id.
showExhibitorMenu: It will return show exhibitor menu.
userRole: It shows role of user.
whiteLabelURL: White label url is a unique url which is managed and provided by white label admin.
longitudeReturns the longitude of the event's location.
fundANeedEnabledReturns whether the Fund a Need module is enabled or not.
fundANeedModuleShowReturns whether the Fund a Need module is shown or hidden on the participant side.
fundANeedIdReturns unique value associated with Fund a Need.
raffleEnabledReturns whether the Raffle module is enabled or not.
paymentGatewayThis determines the payment gateway that the event host has connected the event to receive payments.
startDateReturns the event start date in yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm format.
endDateReturns the event end date in yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm format.
addressReturns the event venue address.
isRecurringReturns whether the event is recurring or not. If true then the event is recurring, otherwise false.
organizerNameReturns the name of organizer.
organizerPageURLReturns the organizer page URL.
raffleModuleShowReturns whether the Raffle module is shown or hidden on the participant side.
raffleIdThe raffle Id returns the unique value associated with the raffle module.
ticketingEnabledReturns whether the Ticketing module is enabled or not.
ticketingIdThe ticketing Id returns the unique value associated with the ticketing module.
donationEnabledReturns whether the Donation module is enabled or not.
textToGiveEnabledReturns whether the Text to Give module is enabled or not.
fundRaisingGoalReturns the fundraising goal for the event.
goalStartingAmountReturns the starting amount of the fundraising goal.
timezoneIdReturns the timezone ID, e.g. India Time, United States (New York) Time etc.
timezoneOffsetReturns the timezone offset.
equivalentTimezoneReturns the time zone equivalent to custom timezone, e.g. Asia/Karachi, Asia/Calcutta, America/New_York.
phoneNumberReturns the country code phone number.
accountActivatedTriggerStatusIf Facebook Pixel is activated this will return the trigger status. It will return either INITIAL,
creditCardEnabledReturns whether credit card processing is enabled or not.
ccRequiredForBidConfirmIs credit card required for bid confirmation.
taxIdThe tax Id returns unique value associated with event.
createdDateIt contains the event's created date in the yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm format.
countryCodeReturns the country code of the event, e.g. US, IN, ID.
currencyReturns the currency that is set for the event e.g. HKD, USD, JPY, EURO.
currencySymbolReturns the symbol of currency, e.g. $, €, Mex$.
processingFeesToPurchaserReturns the processing fees being paid for each order.
enableBidderRegistrationReturns whether bidder registration is enabled or not. If true, it is enabled.
auctionEndedReturns whether the auction has ended or not. If true, it has ended.
raffleEndedReturns whether the raffle has ended or not. If true, it has ended.
fundANeedEndedReturns whether the fund a need has ended or not. If true, it has ended.
ticketingEndedReturns whether ticketing has ended or not. If true, it has ended.
eventStatusReturns the event status. It will return as one of the following: EVENT_HAPPENING, EVENT_ENDED, EVENT_WINNER_PROCESSING, NULL, EVENT_WINNER_ANNOUNCED, EVENT_DELETED,
eventDesignDetailsReturns the event design details.

whiteLabelName: Returns the white label name for the specified white label event.
whiteLabelUrl: Returns the white label Url for the specified white label event.
logoEnabled: Returns whether the logo is enabled or not.
logoImage Returns the logo image for event design details.
headerLogoImage: Returns the header logo image for the specified event.
notificationPopupImage: Returns the notification popup image.
headerColor: Returns the header color for the specified event.
headerFontColor: Returns the color of the header font.
bannerImageEnabled: Returns whether the banner image is enabled or not.
bannerImage: Returns the banner image.
description: Returns the description of the specific event design details.
totalFundRaisedShow: Returns whether the total funds raised will show on the attendee side.
socialSharingEnabled: Returns whether social sharing enabled or not.
intercomActivated: Returns whether Intercom is activated or not.
helpCenterActivated: Returns whether the help center is activated or not.
poweredByAeActivated: Returns whether the "Powered by Accelevents" text will appear on the attendee facing side.
billingPageEnabled: Returns whether the billing page is enabled or not.
marketingOptInHidden: Returns whether the marketing opt-in is shown or not.
marketingOptInChecked: Returns whether the marketing opt-in is checked or not.
defaultItemImage: Returns the default item image.
hideFundRaisingModuleToggle: Returns whether the Fund a Need module is hidden or not.
faviconDirectory: Returns Favicon directory name For White Label.
fbAppId: Returns the Facebook App ID.
whiteLabelHostBaseUrl: Returns the white label host base URL.
footerText: Returns the footer text.
whiteLabelUrl: Returns the white label URL for the specified white label event.
whiteLabelName: Returns the White Label name for the specified white label event.
auctionTabTitle: Returns the auction tab title.
fundANeedTabTitle: Returns the Fund a Need tab title.
raffleTabTitle: Returns the raffle tab title.
ticketingTabTitle: Returns the ticketing tab title.
donationTabTitle: Returns the donation tab title.
helpCenterURL: Returns the help center URL.
stripeDocumentationURL: Returns the Stripe guideline document URL.
signUpText: Returns the sign up text.
emailTemplateId: Returns the default email template ID for contact emails.
sponsorSection: Returns the event sponsor section, if not passed it will appear empty.
eventTagLine: Returns the event tagline for display pages.
displayBackgroundColor: Returns the background color for the display.
displayTextColor: Returns the text color for the display.
hideSponsorSection: Returns the hide sponsor section.
getStartedUrl: Returns the Get Started URL.
ticketingBuyButtonText: Returns the buy tickets button text. It will return data like the button color, label, font and hide button.
raffleBuyButtonText: Returns the raffle buy tickets button text. It will return data like the button color, label, font and hide button.
trackingScript: Returns the tracking script.
virtualEventScript: Returns the virtual event script.
themeId: Returns the theme ID.
orderConfirmationText: Returns the message indicating that the order was successful to users after their ticket purchase.
enableSessionsSpeakers: Returns whether sessions & speakers are enabled or not.
enableAutoAssignedSequence: Returns whether auto-assigned attendee numbers are enabled or not.
hideGoogleMap: Returns whether the Google Maps widget showing the event location is hidden or not.
donationButtonText: Returns the donation button text. It will return data like Donation Button Color, Donation Button hidden or not and Button label.
eventType: Returns the event type.
configureTabsAsJson: Returns the tab configuration. Tabs can be: About, Agenda, Sponsor, Speakers, Exhibitors. Json contains the display order of the tab, name of the Tab, hide or unhide for the tab in JSON format.
allowEndedEventAccess: Returns whether attendees will be prevented from accessing the event after it ends.
hideCreateEventButton: Returns whether the create event button will be hidden or not.
hideProductUpdateNotification: Returns whether the product update notification button will be hidden or not.
eventCalendarInvite: Returns the event calendar invite.
displayTabsColor: Returns the tab colors for the display.
displayTabsTextColor: Returns the tab text colors for the display.
showOrganizer: Returns whether the organizer will be shown or not.
adBlockerDocumentUrl: Returns the ad blocker document URL.
adBlockerLogoImage: Returns the ad blocker logo Image.
exitIntentContent: Returns the exit intent popup content.
analyticsIdReturns the event Google analytics ID.
trackingPixelIdReturns the event's Facebook tracking pixel ID.
liveItemAvailableReturns whether the live item is available or not. If available then it will return true, otherwise it will be false.
stripeKeyReturns the key for Stripe or Square.
squareLocationIdReturns the location ID of Square.
isStripeConnectRequiredToTicketingReturns whether a Stripe connection is required for ticketing or not.
ccProcessingEnabledReturns true when payment gateway is connected, anything else will be false.
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