Get Plan Configuration Details Event Wise

This API used to get plan configuration details event wise.
This API can be access by event admin and super admin. It will return configuration details like chargebeePlanId, chargebeePlanName, displayPlanName, eventId, yearlyPlanId, price and many more.
To call this API, user have to pass query param with API URL like eventUrl and authentication key to authenticate user.
This API used at event host side to get plan configuration details event wise.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.
It will return a success message if API execute successfully.

capUsageDto It's contains the CAP usage DTO.
maxAgendaItems: It will returns the maximum agenda items.
maxTicketTypes: It will return the maximum ticket types.
maxProExhibitors: It will return the maximum pro exhibitors.
maxExhibitorBooth: It will return the maximum exhibitor booth.
chargebeePlanId It's contains the chargeebee plan id, e.g. starter-plan-stage, professional-plan-stage, enterprise-plan-stage, free-plan etc.
chargebeePlanName It will return the chargeebee plan name, e.g. Free, Enterprise, WhiteLabel, Legacy, Scale etc.
customBrandingConfigDtoIt will return the custom branding config Dto.
firmName: It will return firmName are allow or deny.
faviconDirectory: It will return favicon directory are allow or deny.
aboutUs: It will return about us are allow or deny.
footerText: It will return footer text are allow or deny.
headerLogoImage: It will return header logo image are allow or deny.
helpCenterActivated: It will return help center activated are allow or deny.
helpCenterURL: It will return help center url are allow or deny.
hideCreateEventButton: It will return hide create event button are allow or deny.
hostBaseUrl: It will return host base url are allow or deny.
intercomActivated: It will return intercom activated are allow or deny.
mailAPIKey: It will return mail API key are allow or not.
poweredByAe: It will return powered By Ae are allow or deny.
privacyPolicy: It will return privacy policy are allowed or deny.
sellTickets: It will return sell tickets are allow or deny.
signupPage: It will return signup page are allow or deny.
termsOfService: It will return terms of service are allow or deny.
whiteLabelUrl: It will return white label url are allow or deny.
displayPlanName It's contains the display plan name, e.g. Unit Plan, Scale, Legacy, Free, Enterprise etc.
eventId This event ID represent unique ID of each event. It will generate automatically when it's create new event.
eventPlanConfigId it's contains the chargeebee event plan config id.
integrationsConfigDto It's contains the integrations config dto list
googleAnalytics: It will return the google analytics are allow or deny.
facebookPixel: It will return the facebook pixel are allow or deny.
attendeeUpload: It will return the attendee upload are allow or deny.
zapier: It will return the zapier are allow or deny.
stripe: It will return the stripe are allow or deny.
cvent: It will return the cvent are allow or deny.
sso: It will return the sso are allow or deny.
newYearlyPlanId It's contains the new yearly plan id, e.g. legacy-plan-stage-usd-yearly.
planId It's contains the chargeebee plan id.
platformConfigDto It's contains the platformConfigDto list
enableAttendeeList: It will return the enable attendee list are allow or deny.
preEventBookMeeting: It will return the preEvent book meeting are allow or deny.
preEventAccess: It will return the preEventAccess are allow or deny.
postEventAccessDay: It will return the postEventAccessDay are allow or deny.
leadCapture: It will return the leadCapture are allow or deny.
networking: It will return the networking are allow or deny.
gamification: It will return the gamification are allow or deny.
registrationAttendeesCSV: It will return the registration attendees CSV are allow or deny.
attendeesVideoViewAnalytics: It will return the attendees video view analytics are allow or deny.
hideQandA: It will return the hideQandA are allow or deny.
hidePoll: It will return the hidePoll are allow or deny.
showOnlineAttendees: It will return the show Online Attendees are allow or deny.
enableChat:It will return the enable chat are allow or deny.
navLabels: It will return the navLabels are allow or deny.
price It's contains the chargeebee plan amount.
registrationConfigDto It's contains the registration config details.
attendeesIncluded: It will return the registration attendees included.
additionalAttendeesCharge: It will return the additional attendees charge.
interestTagAvailable: It will return the interest tag.
maxEventDays: It will return the maximum event of days.
maxNoOfEvents: It will return the maximum number of events.
orderConfirmationForm: It will return the order confirmation form.
paidRegistrationFeePercent: It will return the paid registration fee percent.
registrationOrderForm: It will return the registration order form.
seq It's contains the chargeebee plan sequence.
yearlyPlanId It's contains the yearly plan id, e.g. starter-plan-stage-usd-yearly, professional-plan-stage-usd-yearly.

Here is the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
400The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
401You are not authorized to view the resource.
403Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden.
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found.
40600013Cant create url.
4040200Event Not Found.
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