Get the user data of the current event

This API is used to get the user information of the current event to show in the admin console. Event admins and super admins can access this API.
This API will return user data such as email, firstName, lastName, countryCode, userId, hasStaffAccess, and more.
We need to pass the authentication key to authenticate the user, event url, and query param with addStripeLinkedCard.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON.

firstNameThis contains the user's first name.
lastNameThis contains the user's last name.
languageCodeThis contains the user's language code.
countryCodeThis contains the user's country code.
emailThis contains the user's email address.
userIdThis contains the user ID.
userProfilePhotoThis returns the user's profile picture.
phonenumberThis returns the user's phone number.
adminThis returns a flag that will display if the current user has admin access or not.
marketingOptInThis returns a user who wants to receive email updates.
addressRequiredThis contains information about the address being required or not based on event settings.
bidderNumberThis returns the user's bidder number generated through the bidder registration process.
hasStaffAccessThis returns a flag that will display the staff access of the current user.
EventUserInfoDtoThis returns Stripe card related information such as:
cardType: This returns the card type.
defaultCard: This returns whether the card is a default card or not.
expmonth : This contains the card's expiration month.
expyear : This contains the card's expiration year.
id : This returns Stripe card id
last4 : This contains the last four digits of the connected Stripe card.

Here are the possible error messages, which will return if any condition fails or if the required data is missing for processing.

Error codeError Description
401You are not authorized to view this resource.
403The resource you were trying to access is forbidden.
404The resource you were trying to access is not found.
4040200Event not found.
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