Get Winner Details of The Given Item Code

This API will return all winner details of the specified item code.

This endpoint can be accessed by users with event admin access or greater. Users will need to pass an authentication token to authorize the user.

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

listAuctionBidDataReturns a list of auction winner bid data.

bidAmount: The bid amount paid by the winner.
bidId: The ID of the bid.
bidderEmail: Email of the winner.
bidderFirstName: First name of the winner.
bidderLastName: Last name of the winner.
bidderPhone: Phone number of the winner.
currency: Currency selected within the event.
deleteEnabled: The delete bid link has been enabled.
displayBuyItNowPrice: Display the item's buy it now price. If true, this will show on the attendee side.
distributed: The auction item has been distributed to the winner. If true, the item has been distributed.
markAsPaidEnabled: The mark as paid link is enabled.
markAsUnPaidEnabled: The mark as unpaid link enabled.
note: Any item distribution notes left by the host/staff.
paid: The auction item has been paid for by the winner.
refundEnabled: The refund bid link is enabled.
requestConfirmationEnabled: The request confirmation link is enabled for text message bidding.
requestNameEnabled: The request name link is enabled for text message bidding.
requestPaymentEnabled: The request payment link is enabled.

Here are the possible error messages, which will return if any condition has failed or requires missing data for processing.

Error CodeError Description
4040300Item not found.
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