List of winners

This API is used to get a list of all winners. To get this API we need to pass the authentication key,eventurl . This API can be accessed by event admin and super admin. This API is used on the staff page.

if API gets executed successfully Here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of a JSON array.

winnerIdContains winner's ID
winnerNameContains the winner name
totalItemsWonContains the total number of items won by winner
totalPaidAmountContains the total paid amount
allItemsPaidContains boolean value if all items are paid for or not. If all items are paid then return true, otherwise false
allItemsDistributedContains boolean value if all items are distributed or not. If all items are distributed then return true, otherwise false
winnerEmailContains the winner's email address
winnerPhoneNumberContains the winner's phone number
winnerAddress1Contains the winner's address
winnerAddress2Contains the winner's address
cityOrProvidenceContains the winner's city name
stateContains the winner's state
countryContains the winner's country name
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