Ticket module display page setting

This API is used to get the ticket module page settings to show for the specified event. Event admins and super admins can access this API. We need to pass authentication key to authenticate the user, eventurl, and query parameters with recurringEventId.

If the API executes successfully, here is the description of response attributes, which returns in the form of JSON array.

startDateThis contains the ticket sale start date.
endDateThis contains the ticket sale end date.
addressThis contains the event venue.
tickeTypestypeId: This contains the ticket type id.
name: This contains the ticket name.
price: This contains the ticket price.
fee: This contains the ticket fees (Accelevents & payment processing).
endDate: This contains the ticket sale end date.
startDate: This contains the ticket sale start date.
bundleType: This contains the ticket bundle type, e.g. INDIVIDUAL_TICKET, TABLE, SPONSOR, or BLOCK.
ticketsPerTable: This returns if the ticket type is a table type of bundle and will show the number of tickets per table.
remainingTickets: This shows the number of unpurchased tickets.
maxTickerPerBuyer: This shows the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single order.
minTickerPerBuyer: This shows the minimum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single order.
ticketTypeDescription: This shows the ticket type description created by the host.
enableTicketDescription: This is the option to show or hide ticket description on the event display page.
passFeesToBuyer: This is the option to either pass fees to the buyer or absorb the fees.
position: This shows the ticket type position, it can be used to sort the order that ticket types are displayed.
ticketType: This is the option to choose whether the ticket type is FREE, PAID, or DONATION.
categoryColor: This shows the category color.
totalSoldTickets: This shows the total value of all sold tickets.
categoryId: This returns the category id.
dataType: This shows whether the data is for a ticket or an add-on.
showRemainingTicketsThis shows the number of remaining tickets on the display page.
seatingChartKeyThis shows a seating chart key if the ticket type has a seating chart requirement.
eventKeyThis contains a seating event key if the ticket type has a seating chart requirement.
isHolderAttributeRequiredThis contains the ticket holder attribute required value.
isAvailableAccessCodeThis will return as true if an access code is present.
ticketingFeeaeFeeFlat: This contains the flat Accelevents fee.
aeFeePercentage: This contains the Accelevents fee percentage.
wlFeeFlat: This contains the flat White Label fee.
wlFeePercentage: This contains the White Label fee percentage.
creditCardProcessingFlat: This contains the flat Credit Card processing fee
creditCardProcessingPercentage: This contains Credit Card Processing fee percentage.
fromThreshold: This contains the value from Threshold.
toThreshold: This contains the value to Threshold.
operator: This contains the operator value.
isInPerson: This contains whether the fee values are for an in person or a virtual ticket type.
isAddon: This contains whether the data type is an add-on or not.
exitIntentPopupEnabledThis shows whether the exit intent pop-up is enabled or not.
requireDisclaimerConfirmationThis contains the value of the disclaimer confirmation.
allowDisagreeDisclaimerConfirmationThis contains the value of whether the users will be allowed to disagree on the disclaimer.
stripeCountryThis contains the Stripe country name.
discountCodeAvailableThis will return as true if a discount code is present.
eventCapacityReachThis shows whether the event capacity has been reached or not.
categoriesid: This returns the category ID.
name: This contains the category name.
havingVariations: This returns as true if the ticket type name is available.
color: This contains the category color.
imageUrl: This contains the image URL.
quantity: This contains the quantity of tickets.
eventId: This contains the event ID.
position: This contains the position.
dataType: This contains the data type such as ticket or add-on.
ticketType: This contains the type of tickets such as FREE, PAID, or DONATION.
eventListingStatusThis contains the event listing status.
eventVenueStatusThis contains the event venue status.
eventFormatThis contains the event format.
showRegistrationButtonThis contains the option to show or hide the registration button on the event page.
preEventAccessMinutesThis contains the pre-event access time in minutes.
showTicketPriceThis contains the option to show the ticket price on the event page.

Here are the possible error messages, which will return if any condition fails or if the required data is missing for processing.

Error codeError Description
401You are not authorized to view the resource.
403The resource you were trying to access is forbidden.
404The resource you were trying to access is not found.
4040200The event is not found.
4040051The ticketing setting is not found.
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