Update Custom BeeFree email sent flag on/off

This API is used to set flags for if we want to send customized email templates or use the default template.
if it is true custom created email template will use to send an email of its email type.
To call this API, the user has to pass path param with template-id, email type, a boolean value of isCustomTemplateEnabled, and an authentication key to authenticate the user.


Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of JSON.

typeThis field contains the type of response description.
messageThis field contains a message for the response description.

Error Codes

Here are the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error CodeError Description
401You are not authorized to view the resource
403Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden
404The resource you were trying to reach is not found
4010101Not authorized
4040801BeeFree template not found.
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