White Label details with url

This API gives white label details with URL. We need to pass the host base URL as a query param.

Here are the possible error messages, which return if any condition gets failed or required data is missing for processing.

Error codeError Description
4040201This white label event does not exist

Here is the description of response attributes, which returns to the form of a JSON.

firmNameThis contains a white label name.
emailThis contains a support Email Address. Only 75 Characters are allowed in the email.
logoImageThis contains a logo image.
headerLogoImageThis contains a header logo image.
headerColorThis contains the header color.
headerFontColorThis contains the header font color.
fbAppIdThis contains a facebook id.
footerTextThis contains footer text.
intercomActivatedThis checks if intercom activated for white label.
signUpTextThis contains sign up text.
eventListingSiteBannerImageThis contains an event listing site banner image for the event search page.
termsOfServiceThis contains terms of Services white label.
privacyPolicyThis contains the privacy policy of white label.
aboutUsThis contains details of white label.
facebookShareThis contains facebook share details.
twitterShareThis contains Twitter to share details.
signUpPageImageThis contains the sign up image page.
faviconDirectoryThis contains a favicon directory.
sellEventTicketsPageThis contains a sell event ticket page.
hideCreateEventButtonIs the Hide create event button enabled?
whiteLabelUrlThis contains a white label URL.
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